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It is with pleasure that we present to you a magazine with a difference. We aim to show all our readers the reality behind St. Martin's - an Institute which is alive and manned by people who are individuals with individual talents and assets, humors and emotions which are depicted beautifully in this magazine.

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Who is Aspire?

Aspire Magazine is based in Malta, Europe and was established in 2012 by Camilleri Joseph & Pace Keith. Its main focus is to keep in touch with all our St.Martin’s students (past & present) and other St.Martin’s associates. This publication is aimed to inform readers with the opportunities offered at St Martin’s, and also any past, present and future events organised by our institute. Furthermore, we also aim to inspire you through the articles that are presented within our regular publications.


Joseph Camilleri

Editor In Chief.


Keith Pace

Co-Editor, Art & Creative Director, & Photographer

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